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Metal Finials

Metal finials for fences, railings & posts.

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Decorative sign bracket 1

wrought iron door handle

710h x 660w
Only £89.95


Welding equipment
& accessories

welding accessories

Grinding, cutting & sanding discs. Gloves, goggles, headshields, helmets, lenses, curtains. Rods, wires, torches. Chalk & markers.

Decorative sign bracket 2

wrought iron door handle

660h x 650w
Only £44.95


Decorative sign bracket 3

wrought iron door handle

910h x 520w
Only £79.95


Decorative sign bracket 4

wrought iron door handle

800h x 1170w
Only £44.95


Decorative sign bracket 5

wrought iron door handle

485h x 600w
Only £34.95


Decorative sign bracket 6

wrought iron door handle

610h x 500w
Only £44.95


Metal chains

welding accessories


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