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Roof Edge Protection

Safety railing system using counterweights & curved or straight posts.

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roof edge railing

Straight post

48mm diameter, 1100mm tall factory assembled upright comprising: 2 cradles, 1 base and an end cap.
Maximum distance between post centres - 2 metres.

rooftop rail counterweight


Complete with locking collar & 2 metre tube.

Recycled PVC moulding containing a locking collar and a 2 metre tube. The counterweights are fitted on every other post, maximum distance between counterweights - 4 metres. The counterweight is slim and deemed a low trip hazard.

rooftop rail counterweight

Run end weight

Complete with 2 weights, 1 bar, 1 tee, 2 collars & 2 metre tube.

roof edge railing

90° Elbow

roof edge railing

Wall flange

roof edge railing

Sleeve joint

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